The Sound of Science

A live extravaganza, featuring electropop music from our house band, incredible 3D visuals that leap from the screen and fiery, colourful and explosive demonstrations of science, where the Sound of Science gang explore their favourite scientific wonders.

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Limited Edition Digital Release

Specially released for our Cheltenham Science Festival @ Home audience, we have put together the full 'The Sound of Science' album, including 11 tracks and a special digital booklet introducing each of the songs. Stream and purchase it from Bandcamp using the link below:

Our Story

In 2017, Dean and Kevin were wondering how to take their album of catchy electropop songs about science and make it big. In discussions with Nate, the Sound of Science was crafted - a live concert celebrating the scientific wonders of the universe, and how we can all use our voices to produce a safer and more sustainable world.

Featuring dynamic demonstrations of science, original music and extraordinary 3D visuals, this show is aimed at families. Expect to be entertained, we want you to laugh, gasp and wonder. We aim to inspire you to be more curious of the world around you, how it works and what it’s made of.   

Meet the Sound of Science gang

Dr Nate Adams

Writer, Presenter and Fire Starter

A research chemist with a passion for fire and performing, Nate has written and performed on TV, radio and live for house hold names like the BBC for almost a decade. Winner of the 'Over Ambitious Demonstration Challenge', Nate is a regular on the Science Festival circuit, where his infectious energy, OTT demos and terrible jokes guarentee to entertain.

Dean Honer

Superstar Music Producer and Synth Afficiando

Dean Honer is a producer and musician based in Sheffield. He is a founder member of some bands including The All Seeing I, I Monster, The Moonlanding, and International Teachers of PopHe has produced records for artists including The Human League, Add N to X, Roisin Murphy, HK119 and PINSHe shares his house with his wife and two children, dozens of synthesizers and a large telescope. 

Prof Duncan Cameron

Writer, Presenter and Fashion Guru

Known as the 'Hispter Prof', by day Duncan studies plant and soil biology, but by night produces werid and wonderful artistic collisions of his science, which has seen him do scuplture, intepretive music and abstract theatre. The Sound of Science is a natural home for him, as he gets to dress up all glam while acting as the 'serious' scientist. 

Abby Hambleton

Animator and Designer

Abby is a graphic designer and animator at Humanstudio. She has produced music industry work such as record covers and live visuals for top names in electronic music and contributed to the Human exhibitions in Tokyo (2015) and Barcelona (2017). Abby has created the dramatic visuals for the live shows of 'The Sound of Science’.

Kevin Pearce

Music Producer and Whimsical Singer

Kevin Pearce is a Songwriter from Essex. He has received plaudits for his work from The Independent, The Guardian and Mojo magazine as well as receiving BBC Radio 2 and BBC 6 Music support.  He has toured with the likes of Turin Brakes, Beth Orton, Roddy Frame (Aztec Camera) and Echo And The Bunnymen. When he grows up he would like to be an Astronaut. 

Melanie Hannah

Head Demo Wrangler and Fire Extinguisher

Technical Manager, with pyrotechnic ambitions. Since assisting with fireworks demonstrations in the Chemistry department as a trainee technician, Melanie has been providing advice, props and health and safety support to the safe production of ambitious demonstrations for many years now. With a lifelong commitment to inspiring the next generation of scientists, in all disciplines, particularly in the technical area, Melanie is a strong supporter of the Technicians Commitment, #techniciansmakeithappen 

What the audience says

Sounds of Science must have taken a huge amount of work from the content to the music to the visuals. I found it very touching that the music and visuals which were pitched at young people were at the same time so sophisticated - often music for children is a bit naff, but this music was perfectly pitched at the younger audience, whilst being engaging to older people too.

- Chris

Both my 8 year old and her 9 year old cousin loved the show. They already like science but found it really interesting and learnt lots more. We would definitely come to another one. Thanks to all involved for putting on a fantastic show.

- Beki

Disco balls, explosions and fire? Amazing! (and that was just me, my five year was even more impressed...).

- Heidi


The Sound of Science takes the audience on a journey exploring some incredible fundamental science phenomenon, but frames them within a story of sustainability. How can science create a more sustainable world where we have enough food to feed everyone. 

The album is currently avaliable to purchase via Bandcamp. Click on the Buy link in the menu for more information!

We've written the Sound of Science for families. We recommend it for ages 7 - 70+. The majority of songs and themes are upbeat, but when we explore global warming and food security, it can be a little depressing. 

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 The Sound of Science is a co-production of The University of Sheffield, Bowling Green Mastering and Dr Nate Adams
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